Geese links

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Associations & information

Ashton Waterfowl keeping geese
British Waterfowl Association ducks and geese: education and conservation, events, books, breeders, shows and information leaflets
Domestic Waterfowl Club of Great Britain information; birds for sale; birds wanted
FAO geese: the underestimated species
Find a Vet find your local vet
Feathersite information on raising young waterfowl
the Goose Club open to anyone in any country who is interested in domestic geese
Metzer Farms commercial site but with lots of useful information over 300 articles on keeping chickens, ducks & geese
Poultry Pages guide to keeping geese: introduction, pasture, feeding & housing
US Dept. of Agriculture duck & goose from farm to table

Breeds of geese

Ashton Waterfowl info on different breeds of ducks and geese
British Waterfowl Association list of domestic waterfowl, with pics and information
Domestic Waterfowl lots of info on different breeds; plus links to specialist websites for each breed
FAO origins and breeds of domestic geese
Feathersite Geese listing of breeds of geese
Wikipedia list of domestic goose breeds

Cooking / recipes

About Food how to use goose eggs
All Recipes 17 goose recipes
BBC Food goose recipes
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