Cider, perry, apple & pear juice links

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Fruit & fruit trees see our links on fruit trees & orchards
The Guardian article on how to make apple juice (plus how-to gallery of pics at the bottom)
Homemade Cider Press brilliant wiki on how to build your own apple / cider press
Homemade Scratter another brilliant article for DIY enthusiasts; a scratter mills the apples before pressing
Mother Earth News article: how to make home-made apple juice (in the kitchen)
Mother Earth News article: how to build a DIY cider press
Juicing / pressing service juicing service, Wiltshire – take your apples along and get them pressed
Juicing / pressing service Herts; search online for apple juicing or pressing service, plus your county or town
Simple Bites how to build a cider press and harvest apple juice

Make your own cider & perry

The Basics of Cider Making from the New Cider Maker’s Handbook
Cider Digest US site that could keep a cider enthusiast busy for a long time
Cider Makers’ FAQ everything you could want to know about making cider
Cider Workshop community of cider & perry makers
The Gift of Wine how to make perry
Perry Making by Gillian Grafton
Real Cider cider making information, videos and resources
The Real Cider & Perry Page lots of make-your-own info and recipes here
Small-scale Cidermaking tons of information on small-scale cider making
Wittenham Hill Cider Pages lots and lots of technical information

General information & miscellany for cider & perry fans

Beermat Mania gallery of cidermats
 The Big Apple annual cider tasting festival, Herefordshire
Cider & Perry Deliveries list of online companies that will deliver real cider & perry
Cider Academy training for cider and perry makers in the UK and the US
Cider Apples listing of cider apples
Cider Pub Guide county-by-county listing of pubs that serve real cider
Cider Punk artisan cider direct from the producers
Fruitwise lots of cider talk from an enthusiast
Herefordshire Cider Route tour the orchards, cidermakers and pubs of Herefordshire – free leaflets for bicycle touring
Middle Farm visitor centre – hundreds of different ciders and perries to taste and buy, Sussex
Old Scrump’s Cider House online resource for the cider & perry enthusiast
Real Cider & Perry Page another resource to lose yourself in if you’re a cider fan
Real Cider & Perry Producers county-by-county listing of real cider & perry producers
The Spark Magazine article – ‘drink up yer cider’: (don’t agree about the campden tablets though)
UK Cider the real cider wiki site – tons of info
Wikipedia entry for cider
World Wide Words investigation into the jargon used in cider making


Apples & Cider in the UK history of apple growing and cider making in the UK
Archive of Cider Pomology an archive of orcharding & cider making
The Cider Museum Hereford
History of Cider very detailed history of orchards and cider, back to 1000AD
Mill House Cider Museum Dorset
Pears & Perry in the UK history of apple growing and cider making in the UK
Sheppy’s Cider Museum Somerset

Legislation & regulations / starting a business selling your cider

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health courses/awards in food safety
The Cider Workshop very good series of articles on the commercial considerations of cider making
The Cider Workshop recommended food safety/standards guide for small-scale craft cider/perry making
CPL Training courses that you’ll have to attend to be able to obtain a licence for selling alcohol
Food Standards Agency labelling guidance
HMRC law and regulations covering the production, storage and accounting for duty on cider and perry
HMRC form CP33 if you are a maker of cider or perry for sale to claim exemption from registration where the total quantity of cider or perry made is no more than 7000 litres in any 12 month period
National Market Traders Federation membership includes liability and product insurance if you intend to sell at markets

Networks and campaigns

Campaign for Real Ale CAMRA’s section on cider
CiderOne Cider & Perry Orchards Network of Excellence
Herefordshire CAMRA the epicentre of cider making
National Association of Cider Makers promoting the cider and perry industries in the UK
The Southwest of England Cidermakers Association cider-makers in Devon, Somerset and the south-west
Three Counties Cider & Perry Association cider and perry in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire & Worcestershire
Welsh Perry & Cider Society welcome to Welsh ciderspace
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