Cob building links

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Basic advice on building with cob

Build Naturally video for testing the clay content of soil for cob building
Cob Projects US site with lots of info, links and videos
Devon Earth Building Association sustaining the ancient tradition of building in cob in the SW of England
Devon Earth Building Association good FAQ on cob building
Earth Architecture huge resource of articles about all kinds of earth building
Earth Hands & Houses UK / Polish venture to help people build their own cob houses
I Love Cob US site with lots of interesting pictures and videos of cob buildings
I Love Cob how to make an earthen floor
Mother Earth News cob building basics
Permaculture Magazine article on how to build a garden retreat from cob

More detailed advice on cob building – free e-books

Building with Earth: a Handbook free download of 1986 book by John Norton
The Cob Builder’s Handbook free download of 1990 book by Becky Bee
Earth for Homes free download of 1955 book by the US Dept. of Housing – cob as well as rammed earth, abobe bricks & other techniques

Planning & building regs

Devon Earth Building Association cob buildings: compliance with building regulations
Earthed more information on planning permission and building regulations regarding cob
Energy & Buildings sustainable earth walls to meet UK building regs
New York Times article on how US aid money is enforcing international building codes in Afghanistan, preventing the building of traditional cob homes

Other information & associations

EBUK Earth Building UK – membership organisation for people interested in earth building
Ezine Articles article on African mud huts history of cob
This Cob House 14 characteristics of cob homes
Wikipedia entry for cob as a building material
Wikipedia entry for adobe – dried bricks of cob
World Heritage Earthen Architecture Programme (WHEAP) aiming for the improvement of the state of conservation and management of earthen architecture sites worldwide


Daily Mail cob ‘hobbit house’ built by Oxfordshire smallholder – love this house
Design Boom the incredible bullet-shaped mud houses of the Musgum people of Cameroun
Earthen Acres inspirational and detailed blog about building and living in a cob house
Ferrymead Cob Cottage an example of the type of homes that the early European settlers in New Zealand built for themselves
The Hollies promoting cob building in Ireland
Inspiration Green beautiful gallery of historical cob buildings – including old cob cottages in England and cob skyscrapers in Yemen
Inspiration Green gallery of cob interiors that show just how beautiful they can be
Inspiration Green gallery of modern cob houses – inspiration indeed
Kleiwerks beautiful site about earth building projects around the world
Living Earth Structures more inspirational galleries of small cob houses articles on and images of cob buildings around the world
Scribol 10 incredible mud structures and citadels
UNESCO World Heritage List the old walled city of Shibam in Yemen – the world’s first ‘skyscrapers’, made of unfired clay
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