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General information

US Composting Council list of free factsheets and reports on all aspects of composting
Wikipedia entry for compost
WRAP bank of articles on compost and composting

Advice on home composting

Backyard Composting free online booklet by Helga Olkowski, from 1975
Compost Guide wealth of information on composting
Compost Guy lots of useful composting articles
Composting Instructions lots of info on home composting
Garden Organic how to make compost
Greenmi blog with composting advice for beginners ‘simple to do, produces something for free and helps save time, money and the planet’
Recycle Now composting FAQs
Rutgers factsheet on leaf composting
Seattle city council composting questions & answers
University of Illinois composting for the homeowner
US Environmental Protection Agency composting at home

Community composting

Community Composting Network advice and support for community compost groups around the country; list of members
Growing with Compost adult education and social employment through sustainable organic waste management
Master Composters become a master composter and promote composting in your area
Rotters an example of a successful community composting group (Liverpool)
Valuing Community Composting toolkit for unlocking the potential of community composting

Larger-scale composting

CIWM (formerly the Composting Association) promoting composting in the UK – large-scale, as well as at home
Cornell Composting a feasibility study for agricultural composting
Ministry of Agriculture & Food, Ontario factsheet – agricultural composting basics
WRAP report on using compost in agriculture and horticulture

Composting in the tropics

Composting for the Tropics free 1963 book by HDRA
Composting in Tropical Agriculture free 1979 book by the International Institute of Biological Husbandry

The science of composting

BBC Learning Zone investigation into what happens in a compost heap
Colorado State University composting organisms
Colorado State University compost effects on soil quality
Compost Heaven microorganisms – the little guys who make it happen
Cornell Composting compost microorganisms
Cornell Composting techniques for observing compost microorganisms
Cornell Composting techniques for detailed study of compost microorganisms
Joe Jenkins a look at compost microorganisms and the stages of composting
University of Illinois the science of composting
Volunteers in Technical Assistance (VITA) understanding composting – paper analysing the breakdown of materials

The Bokashi system

Bokashi the Bokashi composting system explained in the Guardian
Compost Guy lots of info on the Bokashi process
Healing Tree how to make your own Bokashi buckets and inoculation mix
YouTube video description of how to make Bokashi compost

The Green Cone system

Most composting websites advise against composting meat, bones, dairy or animal products; the green cone system can cope with all of that
Seattle city council green cone user guide
YouTube video explanation of the green cone

Grub composting / black soldier fly system

Grubs of the black soldier fly (BSF) can be ‘farmed’ on kitchen and garden waste to produce compost; the larvae fall into a collection chamber and can be fed to chickens or (wait for it…) cooked and eaten.
Backyard Chickens instructions on how to build your own BSF composter / chicken feeder
Wikipedia entry for black soldier fly
Wikiversity grub composting, using the black soldier fly larvae
YouTube video on how to make your own black soldier fly composter / harvester

Cockroach composting

Yes, really. They’re really efficient converters, eat anything, don’t smell, they shed their skin, which is an excellent addition to the compost, and new cockroaches can be sold or given to pet shops for reptile food (they have to be contained of course – you don’t want them in your standard compost heap).
The Unconventional Farmer fantastic article on how to compost with cockroaches

How to compost pet poo

For experienced composters only, due to the risk of disease; but if done properly, composting removes risk better than landfill. The key is allowing the compost to break down for longer, and using the compost on trees or bushes rather than veg.
Care2 article on composting dog waste
City Farmer step-by-step guide to making a dog poo composter
Compost Guy pet waste composting
Organic Gardening About can I compost cat or dog waste?
Root Simple cat litter compost – installment 1
Root Simple cat litter compost – installment 2
Root Simple cat litter compost – installment 3; the important thing is to extend the composting time
Yahoo Voices how to compost your cat litter (the key is the length of the composting process)

The problem with peat-based compost

The government target is that all UK compost for sale to the public will be peat-free by 2020, and to professional growers by 2030.
BBC the ethics of using peat
The Independent gardeners urged to stop using peat-based compost
Saga for peat’s sake
Wildlife Trust advice sheet – gardening without peat

Composting human waste

Compost toilets see our compost toilet section
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