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General information

Composting Toilet Demonstration composting toilet demonstration – 126-page pdf – detailed report from Australia
Environmental Design & Construction article: compost toilets emerge as viable alternative
Joe Jenkins humanure headquarters – including Jenkins’ Humanure Handbook free online
New Scientist article about whether compost loos or flush systems should be promoted in poorer countries, and which system would prove most hygienic and cost-effective
Oikos what is a composting toilet system and how does it compost?
US Environmental Protection Agency factsheet on composting toilets
Wastewater System & Composting Toilet first-hand account of using a compost loo
Wikipedia entry for composting toilet

Build your own

Aquatron you could fit an Aquatron to separate solids and liquids
Barrel Composting Toilet System detailed description of the ‘barrel’ composting toilet system
Compost Toilets: a Guide for Owner-Builders 1980 book by National Center for Appropriate Technology
Goodbye to the Flush Toilet large pdf – 1977 book by Carol Stoner
Permaculture Magazine build a compost toilet, ladies urinal & solar shower from recycled materials
Salvo listing of UK salvage yards – useful for materials for build-your-own

Urine separation

Greywater Action about compost toilets, urine separation and what a great fertiliser urine is
Institute of Water & Environmental Studies Swedish report – fighting the urine blindness to provide more sanitation options
Tiny House Ontario building a urine separating composting toilet
Urine Diversion detailed report based on a PhD thesis

Pest control / potential pathogens

Barrier Animal Healthcare red mite concentrate – natural killer of red mites, a potential pest with home-built compost loos
Fruit Fly Trap innovative way to trap tiny flies
National Center for Biotechnology Information scientific paper on the survival of fecal coliforms in dry-composting toilets
Oikos pathogens and composting toilet systems
Oikos the basics of vectors & insects; from the Composting Toilet System book
SuperGreenMe how to keep ‘fungus gnats’ (tiny flies) out of your compost loo

Outdoor compost loos / privies / developing countries

Double-Vault Composting Toilet 1981 book by the Environmental Sanitation Information Center, Thailand
Dry Composting Toilets in Guatemala 1982 book by A Van Buren
Mother Earth News human composting privy
Oasis Design ‘earth & orchard’ toilet plans
Permaculture Research Institute Farallones (batch type) composting toilet construction and management manual
Practical Action technical brief for the construction of compost toilets in developing countries
VIVA Technical Bulletin 1981 booklet on building a basic composting privy
World Health Organisation large pdf – 1958 book on excreta disposal for rural areas and small communities

Compost loos on boats

Low-impact Life on Board all about compost toilets on narrowboats
Mid-Wales Permaculture Network take one Dutch barge, and add a compost loo
Sailboat Family how to install an off-the-shelf compost toilet on a sailing boat

Tree bogs

Permaculture Magazine a loo with a view: build your own tree bog
Steward Wood how to build, use, and not abuse, a tree bog
Wikipedia entry for tree bog video showing how to build a tree bog

Henry Moule’s earth closet

(almost became the standard toilet in the West)

Adam Hart-Davis Adam Hart-Davis (the bloke on the telly) discusses loos, and especially Henry Moule’s
earth closet
BBC History of the World Moule’s mechanical dry earth closet
Loose Data Research the reverend Henry Moule and the earth closet
Philip Strange earth closets and great stinks
Wikipedia entry for Henry Moule

Human waste as fertiliser

Canberra Times expert says that human waste is a safe fertiliser
EcoSanRes guidelines on the uses of urine and faeces in crop production
International Development Research Center, Canada 1978 book – compost, fertiliser and biogas production from human and farm wastes in China
Journey to Forever Albert Howard: the manufacture of humus from the wastes of town and village
Journey to Forever Albert Howard: the utilisation of municipal waste in South Africa
Scientific American human urine is shown to be an effective agricultural fertiliser
The Washington Post human urine is a safe, productive fertiliser

Waterless urinals

Gentworks waterless urinals benefits and pitfalls
Gentworks how to prevent urinal odours – waterless or not
Go Green Academy waterless urinals: how do they work?
HepvO the cheapest way to turn a urinal into a waterless urinal
How Stuff Works how waterless urinals work
How Stuff Works 10 stand-up facts about waterless urinals
Industrial Economics Inc. waterless urinals report and evaluation – detailed report
MinnPost article: why I preach the gospel of waterless urinals
Waterless pros and cons of waterless urinals
Waterless (pdf) a review of waterless urinal systems
Wetland Studies waterless urinals: the good, the bad and the ugly
Wired Magazine pissing match: is the world ready for waterless urinals?
Zero Flush cost comparison page for flush vs waterless urinals in public buildings. US site, but you can convert the results
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