Energy saving links

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BBC News interesting article on different kinds of lighting systems – good and bad
DIY Energy Saving Projects advice from the US govt.
Domestic Energy Efficiency Primer 42-page pdf booklet on all aspects of saving energy in the home – from the Energy Saving Trust
Energy Advice Centres local free energy advice around the UK
Energy Saving Trust government-funded body set up to promote energy saving in the UK
Kent Energy Centre info on how to fit thermostatic radiator valves – also secondary double glazing, draughtproofing and insulation
Lyco Low Energy Calculator find out how much energy and money you could save by switching to low-energy light bulbs
My Home save energy and find energy-efficient home appliances via the EST website
National Energy Foundation simple ways to save energy in the home
The Renewable Energy Centre lots of info on domestic energy saving plans for building rocket stoves and other energy-saving cooking stoves
St Albans Council list of costs and payback times for various energy-saving measures
UK Energy Saving Grants sources of grants for domestic energy efficiency in the UK


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