The ‘nature problem’ links

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American Museum of Natural History ‘extinction crisis poses major threat to human survival; public unaware of danger’
Britain’s Got Talent yes, you read that right. You tell ’em Olivia
Call of Life documentary about the current mass extinction
Conservation International ‘species becoming extinct at around 1000 times the norm throughout the earth’s history’
Convention on Biological Diversity ‘species are going extinct at rates 1,000 times the background rate’
Cosmos Magazine E O Wilson, the world’s top biologist asks ‘Is Humanity Suicidal?’ and explains why humans are not exempt from reliance on ecology for our survival
The Current Mass Extinction the web’s most comprehensive source of information on the current mass extinction – contantly updated resource of related articles in scientific journals and news media
Earth Policy Institute the sixth great extinction: status report
The Independent ‘animal extinctions: the greatest threat to mankind’
International Botanical Congress ‘we will lose 30-60% of all species of plants and animals during the second half of this century, if current trends continue’
International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) ‘extinctions are currently around 1000-10,000 times the pre-human rate’
Millennium Ecosystem Assessment ‘extinction rates are 1000-10,000 times the natural rate, and it’s accelerating’
National Geographic Magazine ‘the sixth great extinction’
Niles Eldridge article by professor at the City University of New York, about the ‘sixth extinction’ that we find ourselves in
Norman Myers & Andrew Knoll ‘how will the sixth extinction affect evolution of species?’: article by fellow at Green College, Oxford, and professor of biology at the Botanical Museum at Harvard
(Science Journal (via the BBC) ‘we’ll lose about half of all species by the end of this century’
UN Environment Programme Global Biodiversity Assessment: current extinction rates are 50-100 times the natural (pre-human) rate, and set to rise to 1000-10,000 due to tropical forest removal
Wikipedia Holocene (current) mass extinction
World Resources Institute extinction statistics
Zoological Society of London (via the BBC) ‘globally, we’re losing around 1% of species per year’