Fences, gates & stiles links

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General information

eHow article on how to hang a farm gate
Gateway Farm Alpacas US site with good info on planning, designing and installing livestock fencing
small-farm-permaculture-and-sustainable-living.com article on US site with lots of info about installing livestock post and wire fencing
Smallholder Magazine article about fencing and not allowing livestock to escape
University of Tennessee (pdf) 18-page booklet on planning, building and repairing farm fencing
Videopedia 5 min video on hanging a farm gate
Wikimedia lots of photos of different types of stiles and kissing gates
Wikipedia entry for stile

Build your own

Allan Shepherd article on how to split chestnut cordwood into posts
BTCV excellent online book on how to construct lots of different kinds of fences, gates and stiles
BTCV courses on post and wire fencing
Mother Earth News designs for building stiles
Journey to Forever fantastic article about various tricks when building gates and fences
Scottish National Heritage series of information sheets on constructing different types of fences
Scottish National Heritage series information sheets on constructing different type of gates
Scottish National Heritage series information sheets on constructing different type of stiles

Buying fences, gates & stiles

BTCV list of UK fencing suppliers
Fencing Contractors Association search for suppliers or contractors of any kind of fencing you need, by UK region
Also, check your local agricultural suppliers

Buying natural fencing materials

Specialist suppliers of durable hardwoods that are local, sustainably grown and don’t need preservatives – like oak and sweet chestnut
Coppice Products listing of suppliers of fencing materials from coppiced UK woodland
A & TA Payne coppiced sweet chestnut; Sussex
chestnutfencing.com coppiced sweet chestnut; Cornwall
the Cleft Wood Company cleft oak; Bucks
CWP Fencing cleft post and rail from coppiced sweet chestnut; Kent
Homewood & Son chestnut palings; Surrey
Natural Fencing chestnut; Bucks
Say it with Wood chestnut; Herefords
Richard Schaub & Son chestnut; Gloucs
Simon Fowler cleft oak and chestnut; Peak District
Wilderness Woods chestnut; Sussex
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