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This subject is a minefield; we’ve included websites with useful information on guns, but which may also have information on the shooting industry. We’ve also included campaign information against the shooting industry (e.g. pheasant shoots), and we support these campaigns. Plus we want to make clear that we don’t have a problem with humane traps, but are opposed to snares. See our factsheet for more information. We think that this is a disagreement we can have whilst still agreeing on the need to live in harmony with nature.

Catching truly wild game

British Association for Shooting & Conservation (BASC) codes of practice and lots of info on shotguns, rifles and air rifles and licences buying and selling new and second-hand rifles, air rifles and shotguns
Pigeon Shooting for beginners
Pigeon Shooting  video for beginners
Pigeon Shooting lots of articles and advice
Pigeon Watch UK info and advice on pigeon shooting
Rabbit Shooting for beginners
ShootingUK online magazine with lots of articles on all things shooting
The Trap Man hundreds of different traps

Deer Stalking

The British Deer Society deer stalking training
The British Deer Society deer stalking from a beginners perspective
The Deer Initiative ensuring the delivery of a sustainable, well-managed wild deer population in England & Wales
ShootingUK article on how to start deer stalking
The Stalking Directory an A-Z of deer stalking in the UK, plus listings of suppliers of rifles, ammunition and accessories, and an online forum
Woodlands introductory article on deer stalking and woodlands

What’s wrong with the shooting industry

Animal Aid battery cages, starvation and wasted meat – game birds
The Ecologist article on pheasant shooting being a waste of life
League Against Cruel Sports article on the shooting industry

Preparing and cooking

Art of Manliness how to field dress a squirrel
BBC Food game recipes on the telly
Cook it Simply lots of game recipes
Deer Commission for Scotland how to skin, butcher and prepare a deer
Hunter Gather Cook how to skin and butcher a rabbit and a recipe
Just Game Recipes over 1500 recipes, believe it or not, involving wild animals
Taste of Game lots of game recipes
WikiHow how to skin and prepare a rabbit
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