Geodesic domes links

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3-D Warehouse geodesic modelling
Buckminster Fuller Institute dedicated to the ideas of Buckminster Fuller, who (maybe) invented geodesic domes; search for geodesic domes.
Desert Domes US site with tips and info on building geo domes
Geodesic Dome Diary diary of the building of a bamboo geodesic dome
Geodesic Dome Notes very detailed resource
Geodesic Domes FAQ large FAQ page
Geodesic Math (pdf) 21-page pdf document with more geodesic maths
Geo-Dome articles, plans, discussions
Inhabitat 5 great reasons to build a geodesic dome home
Instructables how to make a geodesic dome scale model with cardboard
Professional Dome Plans plans for building geodesic dome houses
Shelter Publications collection of geodesic-dome-related essays
Simply Differently information on geodesic and other kinds of domes
Tom Davis 12-page pdf document on the mathematics involved
Treehugger cob house inside a geodesic greenhouse in the Arctic Circle
Wikipedia entry on geodesic dome
YouTube time-lapse video of setting up a geodesic dome tent frame
YouTube time-lapse video of building a straw-bale geodesic dome
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