Green funerals links

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Information & associations

Association of Green Funeral Directors promoting green funerals
Funeral Services Guide advice on all aspects of organising a funeral
The Natural Death Centre charity supporting those wishing to die at home, and helping to arrange inexpensive, family-organised and eco-friendly funerals, London
Woodland Burial Grounds article on the website of the Royal Forestry Society

Coffins & green funerals

The Natural Death Centre listing of natural burial grounds
Arka Original Funerals eco-funerals, Brighton
Burial Cloud natural woven wool coffins
Compakta coffins made from FSC timber, recycled card and woven cotton
Eco-coffins coffins made from FSC pine
Ecopod coffins made from recycled paper
The Funeral Company traditional and green burials, Milton Keynes
Green Endings individual and green funerals, London
Greenhaven woodland burial site, Warwickshire
Greenwood Futures wicker coffins, Dorset
Native Woodland natural burial sites
Peace Funerals environmentally-friendly coffins, funerals and woodland burials, Sheffield
The Somerset Willow Company coffins made from woven willow; links to woodland burial sites
UK Funerals Online green funerals and list of UK woodland burial sites
Woodland Burials woodland burials in Essex and Surrey
Woodland Burial Trust woodland burials in Bedfordshire
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