Greenhouses & polytunnels links

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Allotment Growing advice on erecting a second-hand greenhouse
Allotment Growing choosing a greenhouse
Garden Action tons of advice on sizes, shapes, glazing, etc.
Garden and Leisure monthly guide on what to do in your greenhouse
Garden Joy how to build a greenhouse
Geo-Dome low-cost geodesic dome greenhouse kit
Glass cutting video from our friend Andy about how to cut and re-use second-hand panes of glass – ideal for greenhouse repair
Green Fingers how to make and use a polytunnel
Greenhouse Growing advice on growing under glass
Greenhouse Repairs repair service and second-hand greenhouses for sale
Highlands & Islands Local Food Network (pdf) 4-page pdf introduction to polytunnel growing
Over the Garden Gate how to make your own polytunnel from recycled materials
Planning and Building a Greenhouse US site with technical information on building your own greenhouse from scratch ‘why buy a polytunnel?’ and other articles on polytunnels and greenhouses – see links at the bottom
Tunnel Facts information on polytunnels
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