Natural cleaners links

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Baking Soda everything you could possibly want to know about baking soda
Good Shopping Guide ranks brands using a range of criteria – anything you could possibly want to buy
Green Choices lots of natural cleaning advice, plus a list of suppliers and manufacturers
Natural Born Cleaners Guardian article on natural cleaners
Product Ingredients lists the ingredients in various branded cleaning products
Seaside Naturals non-toxic cleaning products: information and shop (US)


Bio-D manufacturer of environmentally-responsible household products
Dri-pak suppliers of simple, traditional cleaning materials like soap flakes, white vinegar, borax and soda crystals
Ecoshopdirect natural cleaning products – they also take out the water and packaging from their products bulk purchases of a range of household cleaning products from different manufacturers
Ecover manufacturer of ecological detergents and cleaning agents
Green Shop green cleaning products
Home Scents naturally fragrant ecological cleaning products
Mistral supplier of sodium percarbonate – an environmentally-safe bleaching agent
Spirit of Nature green cleaning products, UK
Summer Naturals supply bulk natural cleaning ingredients
Tipking lots of cleaning tips, including natural alternatives
Waddlers Bio-D and Clear Spring cleaning products