Pedal-powered generators links

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Specialists / equipment / build your own

Chain Reaction social enterprise specialising in pedal power at events
Cyclean cycle-powered washing machine
DIY Information US page with instructions on how to make pedal generators; love the disclaimers
David Butcher US site with tons of technical information, and plans to make your own
Flakey pedal-powered Scalextric racing!
FuturEnergy permanent magnet generators – produce high power outputs at low RPMs
Ikon Global charge your mobile as you cycle
Instructables how to build a smoothie-making human-powered bike blender
The Juice Peddler bike blenders
Magnificent Revolution pedal-powered cinema; tutors of’s course, London
Pedal-A-Watt US site with a kit for sale, plus very good FAQ info on watts / vots / amps etc. buy kit, and free plans to build your own, US
Re-innovation renewables projects, including pedal-power, Notts

Pedal-powered sound systems

Beatrix bicycle-powered sound system
Cyclonator with tandems
Rinky Dink mobile bicycle-powered sound system

More information

The 12-volt Side of Life lots of info on 12-volt batteries and charging
Campaign for Real Events voluntary group providing DIY renewable energy for events and education
Campus Center for Appropriate Technology fantastic articles on pedal-powered appliances, including washing-machines and blenders
Colliers Wood Chorus run on pedal power; read about how they did it, plus other community groups can borrow it
Human-powered TV case studies and experiments
Innovate or Die global competition to develop pedal-powered generators
Maya Pedal Guatemalan NGO developing pedal power for rural areas
PC Format Blog some journalists running their pcs with cycle power
Science Shareware again, tons more information
Steward Wood Community community with cycle power
Village Tech Solutions pedal-power for developing countries
Voice of America article about bicycle power for developing countries
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