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Conflict resolution

Communication & Conflict providing support in resolving destructive conflict
Conflict Gateway training materials for conflict resolution in schools, the workplace, relationships and in international diplomacy
Conflict Resolution Network Australian site with online resources and free training material
CR Info huge resource, including core knowledge articles and user guides for various professions
Helpguide conflict resolution skills
Search for Common Ground finding shared solutions to destructive conflicts in various parts of the world
Somerset Co-operative Services resources, including the principles of conflict resolution
Transcend International aiming to bring about a more peaceful world by using action, education/training, dissemination and research

Consensus decision-making

Consensus Decision-Making virtual learning centre for people interested in making decisions by consensus
Ecovillage Newsletter very interesting article about decision-making processes, including consensus-with-unanimity, sociocracy and holacracy
Functional Consensus detailed information more on ‘holacracy’ – decision-making without leaders
On Conflict & Consensus a handbook on formal consensus decision-making
Seeds for Change consensus decision-making
Shared Path, Shared Goal a handbook for direct democracy and the consensus decision process
Tree Bressen consensus decision-making: what, why, how
Tree Group article on consensus
Turning to One Another website about conversation and truly listening to each other – the foundation for successful community
UK Cohousing Network info on consensus decision-making, with reference to co-housing
Vernal Project article: consensus is not unanimity
Vernal Project list of academic papers on the consensus process
Wikipedia entry for consensus decision-making

Education, training & campaigning

Amnesty International protecting humans worldwide
Seeds for Change not for profit co-op offering training in consensus decision-making and conflict resolution for NGOs, social businesses and co-ops. Also lots of information on consensus decision-making
Turning the Tide information & training to increase effectiveness of campaign groups; active non-violence, understanding power, consensus decision-making etc.


Ecopsychology exploring the links between personal and planetary well-being
Natural Friends online dating for you lovely greenies out there – you’ll never have to deal with ‘I like shopping and fashion……’ ever again
Peace Direct let’s stop killing each other – that would be a good start, wouldn’t it?
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