Permaculture links

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Permaculture in the UK

Permaculture Association of Britain (PAB) history, projects, membership
Courses listing of all the permaculture courses and events in the UK, and some overseas
Permaculture Magazine Permaculture Magazine
UK Groups local groups and activities in the UK

Permaculture around the world

International groups and projects around the world
Indigenous Permaculture permaculture in Native American communities
Permaculture Institute N American association
Permaculture Research Institute of Australia, birthplace of permaculture
Wiser Earth enormous listing of international permaculture projects and groups


Permaculture 101 permaculture basics explained with a series of videos
Permaculture Explained the basics of permaculture
Permaculture Planet international portal for all things permaculture
Permaculture Principles website explaining David Holmgren’s 12 principles of permaculture
Permaculture Visions another Australian site with tons of information
US National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service large resource
Wikipedia entry on permaculture

Interviews, articles, videos & further information

The a-Infos Radio Project two 1-hour radio programmes discussing permaculture
Bill Mollison Permaculture Videos collection of videos involving permaculture founder Bill Mollison
Holmgren Design Services website of permaculture co-founder David Holmgren – includes free e-books
In Context interview with Bill Mollison
Lakeland Permaculture help with permaculture projects in the Lake District
The Land Magazine article by Peter Harper about taking the ‘cult’ out of permaculture
Peak Oil & Permaculture interview with David Holmgren
Permaculture – a Quiet Revolution another interview with Bill Mollison
The Permaculture Project 12 pdf pamphlets covering many aspects of permaculture
A Toolbox, Not a Tool interesting article refuting a critique of permaculture
Tools for a Future free software product that helps you research and catalogue all your trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants
Visionaries 50-minute video from the 1980s about permaculture, involving Bill Mollison
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