Plumbing links

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Find a plumber

CORGI find local CORGI-registered plumbers and heating engineers
Gas Safe Register find installers legally registered to carry out gas work
Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineers put in your postcode and find a local registered professional
Water Industry Approved Plumber Scheme find a local approved plumber

Supplies / tools

BES specialist retailer, huge stock
PlumbWorld ditto

DIY advice

DIYData DIY plumbing articles for specific listed jobs
DIYFixIt ditto
DIYNot ditto
Plumbing Pages huge resource – legislation advice, forum and lots of useful DIY info
Ultimate Handyman this is great – detailed advice with photos for a large range of plumbing jobs
Video Jug plumbing DIY jobs explained with videos

Training & careers

Unite union warning about ‘fast-track’ plumbing training
Become a Plumber (pdf) pdf document with advice about finding a plumbing apprenticeship
Careers Advice everything you should think about if you’re thinking of becoming a plumber
Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineers advice about training and careers
OLCI City & Guilds and CORGI training, nationwide
The Plumbing Academy City & Guilds and CORGI training, Kent
Plumbing Pages overview of plumbing training
PPL Training train to become a plumber, York
VIY Training Services City & Guilds domestic plumbing, Leeds

Other information & associations

Plumber’s Diary lots of random information from a plumber in Dublin – including what not to do. Very interesting (if you’re into that sort of thing)
UK Water Suppliers listing of water supply companies in the UK
Water Regulations Advisory Scheme scheme to promote understanding of the Water Regulations in the UK
What Price? the prices you should expect to pay for various plumbing jobs
Wikipedia basic info on Wikipedia
World Plumbing Council mission to unite the world’s plumbing industry to safeguard the environment and water supply for everyone in the world