Veg oil motoring links

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BioDiesel Filters biodiesel and veg oil filtration equipment
BioPowered wiki on making and using biodiesel and converting vehicles to run on straight veg oil
Blooming Futures worker co-op specialising in Elsbett conversions, plus other projects; Brighton
Diesel Veg conversions; DIY kits; list suitable vehicles; links; supply filtered used oil in bulk –
up to 1000 litres; Wolverhampton
Elsbett Elsbett Gmbh (Germany) – manufacturer of conversion kits (new oil only)
Goat Industries information; conversion kits; supply oil; North Wales
Grease to Greece promoting the use of waste veg oil by driving to the beaches of Greece on veg oil scavenged from bars and restaurants on route
Greasology SVO tutorial site
How Stuff Works how diesel engines work
Journey to Forever lots of discussion about using straight veg oil as a road fuel, plus comparisons with biodiesel
Veggie Power conversions; kits
Veg Oil Motoring conversions; information; links; West Wales
Waste Oil Collectors list of waste oil collectors in the UK
WVO Designs Wiki wiki all about waste vegetable oil and how to use it as a fuel
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