Wild mushrooms links

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Foraging & identification

Association of British Fungus Groups (ABFG) lots of info on foraging; plus an identification service
Code of Conduct (pdf) code of conduct for wild mushroom pickers
Edible & Poisonous Fungi for beginners – includes pictures of common edible mushrooms to stick to, and also of deadly ones to avoid
Field Studies Council fungus identification courses around the country
Fungi Images on the Net huge bank of images of fungi
Fungi to Be With forays and walks in and around London
John Wright’s Fungi articles on foraging and identification, plus forays in Dorset
Mushroom Expert really good way of identifying species, via a descriptive key based on observable features rather than taxonomy
Mycokey large identification site for fungi
Roger’s Mushrooms probably the best (i.e. easiest to use) wild mushroom identification site
The Tracing Paper mushrooms without fear: 9 steps to avoid poisoning yourself
Wild Harvest Mushroom Identification our friend Clifford of Wild Harvest explains the value of a range of wild mushrooms in this video
Wild Mushrooms Online lots of interesting articles on foraging, identification and recipes, plus guided walks in the SE of England
YouTube video on how to identify wild edible mushrooms – lots of others on the right-hand side too

Local foraging groups

ABFG list of UK groups, but you have to contact ABFG for details
British Mycological Society listing of local fungus groups – over several pages
Fungus.org.uk list of UK groups
Northern Ireland Fungus Group links to British fungus groups on their website

Cooking with wild mushrooms

BBC Recipes wild mushroom recipes
The Forager Press US site with wild mushroom recipes
Fungi Perfecti page of mushroom recipes
In Mama’s Kitchen wild mushroom recipes
The Mushroom Man wild mushroom recipes
Mushroom Table this is just general recipes – click on the recipes tab for specific mushroom recipes
Squidoo wild mushroom recipes
Steve Brill recipes plus info on cooking wild mushrooms
Tasty Mushroom Partnership professional chefs’ wild mushroom recipes
Vas’s Mushroom Recipes wild mushroom recipes
Wild About Mushrooms wild mushroom recipes
Wild Mushroom Recipes lots of recipes
Wild Mushrooms Online lots of interesting articles on foraging, identification and recipes, plus guided walks in the SE of England

Other stuff

Big Hairy Index: Mycology truly enormous list of websites dealing with mycology (the study of fungi); seems like they list every relevant site on the internet – but lots of links are now broken
British Mycological Society working to promote and conserve field mycology
Fungi4Schools free downloads of information and lesson plans about fungi for schools
Fungi Online introduction to the biology of fungi
Patient UK information on mushroom poisoning
The Shroomery demystifying magic mushrooms
TED Paul Stamets on 6 ways mushrooms can save the world
Wild About Mushrooms buy dried wild mushrooms
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