Quail links

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Getting started

Backyard chickens detailed information on the different species and breeds of quail
Omlet a basic guide to keeping quail
Poultry keeper.com a good article on keeping quail for beginners
Poultry pages UK suppliers of quail by county

General Information

Backyard chickens various article on keeping quail including health issues
Polutrykeeper.com various article on keeping quail
Roy’s farm article on feeding and the nutritional requirements of quail, including how to mix your own feed
RSPCA guidelines for good practice for housing and care
Self sufficient me an Australian blog with several articles on keeping quail

Hatching and raising

Backyard chickens hatching and brooding quail
Poultry Keeper.com a good collection of articles on incubating and hatching eggs, of poultry in general
Raising happy chickens how to candle eggs, including how to make your own candler
Self sufficient me breeding, hatching and raising quail
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