Skins & hides links

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 General links

Braintan US-based wealth of information, resources and supplies. brain tan and bark tan.
Outdoor Life how to brain tan a deer in 8 steps.
Paleoplanet great forum on tanning and leather.
Paleotechnics articles on brain tanning and skinning.
SkillCult articles and videos on brain and bark tanning.
Sustainable Living Project blog includes lots of clear information on many aspects of the tanning process, from storing, tanning and sewing.
Wikipedia leather tanning – commercial and natural, history.

Video tutorials

Brain Tanning Deer Hides series of braintan buckskin tutorials.
Brain Tanning overview short video taking you through all the steps of brain tanning.
SkillCult series of bark tan and brain tan tutorials.

Commercial tanning

National Geographic video about tanning in Morocco.


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