Turkeys links

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Getting started

Poultry Keeper a good introduction to keeping turkeys
Poultry Pages an introduction to keeping turkeys, with links to lots of useful articles
Poultry Pages listing of 800+ poultry breeders, searchable by county
Rare Breed Survival Trust  information on the traditional turkey breeds
Smallholder magazine becoming a new turkey owner

General information

Alan Krakauer  the surprisingly complex social life of the wild turkey
Poultry Keeper a few articles on keeping turkeys
Poultry Pages lots of useful articles on the basics of keeping and breeding turkeys
St David’s poultry team parasites and diseases in turkeys

Hatching and raising

Community Chickens turkeys: breeding, hatching and brooding
MyTurkeys.com how to breed turkeys and hatch turkey eggs at home
Poultry Club information on hatching and raising young poultry
PoultryKeeper.com a good collection of articles on incubating and hatching eggs
Poultry Pages incubating and hatching turkey eggs
Raising Happy Chickens how to candle eggs, including how to make your own candler
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