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beekeepers-quarterlyThe beekeepers quarterly

The BKQ has a strong team of correspondents from many parts of the world who report regularly on beekeeping topics of local and global importance. Whilst its contents are directed mainly to beekeeping, the magazine also looks at the wider issues which have an impact on the craft especially as regards the environment, farming, conservation and global warming. Our contributors have specialised knowledge on particular aspects of beekeeping, drawn largely from their own experiences, and include both amateur and commercial beekeepers, scientists, and representatives of organisations that have an interest in beekeeping as a craft or industry. The editor is always pleased to receive contributions for possible inclusion in the magazine and to hear from beekeepers in areas of the world where we have no regular correspondents. The magazine gives plenty of space for lengthy articles, complete with photographs, which allows our designer to produce an attractive layout that is pleasing for both contributors and subscribers.

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natural-bee-husbandryNatural bee husbandry

‘Natural Bee Husbandry’ will focus on a type of beekeeping which can be described in many ways: sustainable beekeeping, bee-centred beekeeping, apicentric beekeeping, sensitive beekeeping, bee-friendly beekeeping, etc.  It will be of special interest to beekeepers who for have for many reasons moved away from keeping their colonies in conventional ways,  or who prefer their bees to be kept in hives more suited to the bees’ needs rather than for the beekeeper’s ease of management. Such beekeepers allow the bees to live their lives with minimal interference.  The bees build comb freely and swarm and reproduce with queens raised naturally rather than being propagated by the beekeeper via emergency queens.  These beekeepers also refrain from using chemicals for the control of pests and diseases and strive to create an environment in their apiaries and gardens which will give the bees at least some year-round forage.

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Bee craft

A honeypot of information about bees and the beekeeping world.

Bee Craft is the UK’s leading beekeeping journal, and has published informative articles and news for beekeepers and bee lovers every month since 1919.

Get the latest buzz! Includes sections for experienced beekeepers and for beginners, articles about all aspects of beekeeping, including diseases and their treatments, listings of courses and events, news, classifieds, advertising of beekeeping products and a letters page.

Keep your finger on the pulse with a subscription to the UK’s brightest and best full colour monthly journal for beekeepers and enthusiasts.

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Journal of apicultural research

The Journal of Apicultural Research publishes original research articles, original theoretical papers, notes, comments and authoritative reviews on scientific aspects of the biology, ecology, natural history and culture of all types of bee (superfamily Apoidea).

The Journal of Apicultural Research has been IBRA’s journal for reporting experimental science for over 40 years. The journal’s very first volume carried Woyke’s classic paper on diploid drones, and every volume since has contained important contributions to scientific literature.

Because of the high quality of the journal’s papers, it has come to be respected as a prestigious outlet for reporting scientific studies of the biology, ecology, natural history and culture of all types of bees. Indeed, many scientists have come to respect the journal as the flagship of apicultural journals.

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