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Bushcraft & Survival Skills

The UK’s first magazine dedicated to bushcraft and written by experts.
Interest in bushcraft is at an all time high, its profile being raised by the new availability of information and of course the Ray Mears television series. Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine is a valuable resource; enhancing your existing knowledge, teaching you new skills, answering your questions and keeping you up to date with courses and equipment suited to bushcraft use.
Throughout the pages of Bushcraft & Survival Skills magazine you will find regular and feature articles on subjects such as tracking, knives & axes, foraging, flint knapping, fire lighting, wood lore and surviving in the wild, alongside ‘How to…’ articles showing you how to make your own kit and projects that use nature’s resources.


The Bushcraft Magazine

We at the Bushcraft Magazine make a point of showcasing the wild foods you can hunt or forage, the woods which are best for different purposes and how you can use what is around you.

It is certainly not our intention to exploit our environment, rather, we are about changing our relationship with it and introducing a different and sustainable level of interaction and appreciation.
The magazine & website are here to help you in many ways, from news stories to weather forecasts. Please use this site as your gateway to reconnecting to the landscape.



Survival archery, shotgun vs. rifle hunting, the fine art of fishing, traps & snares, the slingshot, wild edibles, the spices of life, making your own dehydrated meals, bushcraft basics, water purification, bushcraft water filters, finding water in the wild, medicines to find in the wild, calendula salve, how to select a retreat/bug-out location, primitive shelters, climbing & rappelling, making rope, distance & navigation, signaling & rescue, trapping techniques – and much more.


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