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Funky raw

The Funky Raw Magazine exists to guide, support, and encourage those who want to create a deeply more connected life with themselves and nature. The magazines focus is creating restoration within us, which will automatically be reflected in our environment and how we treat others and ourselves. The Funky Raw believe that raw food is a central part of the restoration that now needs to take place, yet it will not do it on its own. Because of the recognition of this fact the magazine includes articles not just on raw food and cleansing, but on creating a holistic lifestyle, spirituality and true sustainability with our Eco life section and how they all ultimately and intimately weave together. There will also be space to list raw events.

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Get fresh

‘We all know we should be eating more fruit and vegetables, and we all know raw is best. If you already eat a few pieces of fruit and a salad each day, well done – you’re much healthier than the average person. But why settle for that? If you want to see some really exciting results, eat more raw food than cooked.’
Get Fresh! is THE magazine for all those interested in optimum nutrition, vibrant health, ethical living and reaching our true potential.

We keep up to date with the latest news, views and findings so that each issue is packed full of first-class nutritional advice, information on making the healthiest choices in all areas of life, recipes, reviews, exclusive interviews, inspiring true stories, useful contacts, and much, much more.

Get Fresh! is published every March, June, September and December and is printed on paper produced from a sustainable source.

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