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indiefarmerIndie farmer

Indie Farmer is a magazine about farming, food, and culture. While there are numerous resources about agriculture, there isn’t a platform for the new breed of “Indie Farmers” – small scale producers, growers and livestock keepers  –  that are redefining tradition and exploring new ways to farm and produce real food.

Indie Farmer publishes stories that celebrate the farmers and food producers that feed us and gives a voice to those dedicated to making better, healthier, and safer food. We also highlight the ethical, political and environmental issues connected to modern farming and food production.

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Home farmer

Home Farmer Magazine is aimed at the growing number of people who are looking for a better quality of life: healthier food produced without chemicals whose journey from plot to plate is measured in feet, not miles. It is dedicated to helping you realise your lifestyle dreams with articles on diverse subjects such as making your own sausages, baking, urban poultry keeping, beekeeping, caring for animals on a small acreage, dealing with neighbours and much, much more.

Home Farmer is more kitchen table than coffee table, and each issue targets what you need to know to get the job done with simple step-by-step instructions, features and honest accounts of people trying to live their dreams either in the country or town.

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The crofter

Magazine of the Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF). Rooted in our community, this is the only member-led organisation dedicated to promoting crofting and is the largest association of small-scale food producers in the UK. Our aim is to inform and broaden the debate on land issues, environment and rural development.

The Crofter is posted to all members of the SCF quarterly. If you enjoy reading the pages here, you can obtain your own regular copy of the newspaper by becoming a member yourself. Your support will be welcome and will help us further our work on behalf of crofting.

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Country smallholding

Originally started as a bi-monthly by David and Katie Thear in 1975, when the whole climate was one of intensive, chemical farming. David and Katie farmed organically, and many people thought that what they were doing was eccentric. The magazine was initially called Practical Self Sufficiency, then changed its name to Home Farm. It was described by The Daily Telegraph as “the smallholder’s bible” – a distinction that it still holds. Many of the original subscribers still take the magazine today. “It’s like being part of a big family”, is a common remark, a situation that reflects the magazine’s ethos. In 1994, the magazine was relaunched as a monthly publication, called Country Smallholding. The magazine still retains its ideals of small-scale living and caring for the environment. As a well-established smallholding and organic magazine, it is essential reading for a network of people all over the world.

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Smallholder Magazine is a leading, national, monthly publication that is celebrating its 100th year anniversary, written and produced by smallholders, which gives the readership confidence that any product or advice we give will be tried and tested for purpose.

It’s definitely not a coffee-table magazine.

There is a large classified section, including property, livestock and equipment, plus letter, news and lots of interesting articles.

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Practical farm ideas

What makes Practical Farm Ideas so different to other farming magazine?

  • Focusses ways farmers save rather than spend, ideas not products
  • No advertising, no bias
  • ‘Made it Myself’ projects and methods that really add to farm profits

Essential info about Practical Farm Ideas

  • The magazine is published on February 8, May 8, August 8 and November 8.
  • Each issue is 48 pages, printed in full colour, all editorial – It carries no advertising.
  • Main sections are: ‘Made it Myself’ with 40+  farm workshop projects,  ‘Farm World’  editorial from UK and overseas;  ‘Financial Focus’, important tax tips, money management, diversification.

Why no advertising? Advertising always influences content. No editor can afford to upset a £20,000 a year advertiser. Ads have become the driving force behind a high proportion of magazines. No advertising makes the magazine completely different to others – and so worth buying!

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Small farmer’s journal

The Small Farmer’s Journal is a highly acclaimed, award winning international agrarian quarterly. It was established in 1976 by Lynn Miller. It currently goes out to 72 countries worldwide, as well as all of the U.S. states and Canadian provinces.

The Small Farmer’s Journal has steadfastly held that the most important, useful and vital component of all agriculture is the independent family farm, that operation which is held close for comfort, care and fertility; that operation which is held dear, near and tightly as it is truly part of the family.

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Energy now

Energy Now is the renewable energy magazine for farmers and landowners. Energy Now highlights the news and developments from across the renewable energy sector, including wind, hydro, solar, biomass, biogas, biofuels and ground source heating. Published every 2 months, Energy Now gives practical guidance to farmers & landowners interested in generating energy for commercial or self-sustainable reasons.

You’ll get independent, practical guidance and information on the different types of renewable energy, how you can use the resources at your disposal to generate it, contact details of the developers, suppliers & consultants avaialble to assist with your project and details on how renewable energy can not only reduce your carbon emissions, but also decrease your overheads and increase your income.

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