Timber building magazines

Structural timber magazine

Structural Timber Magazine is dedicated to covering the UK’s leading mainstream low-carbon construction material and its positive impact on the built environment. The publication is produced collaboratively with the Structural Timber Association (STA) – the UK’s leading timber organisation – representing a broad range of UK businesses embracing timber technology and timber building systems.

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Living woods

Living Woods magazine is aimed at anyone interested in trees, woodlands and timber. Living Woods covers everything from green woodworking, wood fuel and the use of timber in building and furniture, as well as focusing on woodland wildlife, forestry projects and campaigns to promote British wood and woodlands.

It has regular articles on buying a woodland and planting new woods.
Perhaps you dream of owning your own woodland, want to enjoy the therapy of quiet, green woodworking, or want to use wood as fuel to save money and fight global warming. This magazine is for you. Bi-monthly.

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