Mark Lynas thinks that corporate capitalism can solve climate change – that’s like burning your house down to keep warm

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Posted Mar 12 2015 by Paul Jennings of Criafolen

Oh do beware someone who comes before you and claims to be the voice of reason. Mark Lynas does exactly that in this morning’s Guardian and it doesn’t wash. His argument is barely an argument at all, more like a sort of faux man-in-the-street flimflam. Beware.

The problem with the Climate Change debate, Lynas says, is that it has fallen into the hands of extremists. On one side we have the deniers and on the other the “lefties”; the latter “dystopian” and “miserabilist”, and the former really only reacting to the Left which has made use of climate science in its struggle against capitalism.

Lynas, by contrast, he wants us to believe, is a moderate, his position dictated by reason and not at all by ideology. He is no climate change denier, it’s a grave threat he assures us, but responding to it “does not mean rolling back capitalism, suspending the free market or stopping economic growth.”

It’s important to know that in recent years Lynas has made a name for himself as a high profile supporter of nuclear power and GMOs. He is a strident critic of the Green Movement, a convert to neo-liberalism and the benefits of corporate capitalism. So that’s what’s going on here in the pages of The Guardian.

What Lynas wants you to believe is that his position is the position of informed science not ideology. He doesn’t back this up in any way, it is assertion, the flimflam. It is clear from the text that he reserves his contempt chiefly for Leftists and for Greens, and his favoured solutions are those preferred in every case by the powerful.

Neo-environmentalism presents the vision of a brave new world powered by next generation nuclear and fed by GMOs, all, surprise surprise, controlled by the corporate rulers of the world. Lynas accuses the Left of being “miserabilist” but would deliver us all into the hands of Monsanto et al., into a bright green corporate fascism.

I would rather that the seas rise.

As to his position, he makes no attempt to explain how we got to where we are today. For all of the faults of the Left, the questionable tactics and historic failures of Socialists and Greens, at least Leftists have endeavoured to understand historical processes so that they might better frame alternatives and shape solutions.

What Lynas, trained as a historian apparently, and the other neo-environmentalists do, is propose that we have more, much more, of the system that has already brought us to the very edge of catastrophe. He shows no understanding of capitalism or of the origins of environmental and social crises; he does not address the argument that says that in order to live differently with the Earth we must live differently with one another.

It’s a weak article; it’s a rant. It shows a remarkable lack of education and understanding, not to mention self-awareness. It is a cup full of bile. Nothing but vulgar ideology.

See the Guardian article here.