Opportunity to rent (or cropshare) 7 organic acres in Sussex

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There are 7 acres on offer with this rental rent or organic cropshare opportunity in Sussex (postcode TN35 4AP). It’s across the road from the village of Fairlight and a 5 minute drive to Hastings.

The land is the areas marked A, B, C and D on the map below.

Map of area for potential rent or organic cropshare

A and B are an orchard.  C is currently fallow, and has been for several years. The last crop was potatoes in 2011.

Half of D is protected by badger fencing and there is a 20 x 10 tool / equipment shed. The same field is marked out as terrain within the red lines. The wood beyond could be used if needed. The land marked D has been enriched with biochar at a rate of 1 Kg/m2.

All the land has been Soil Association certified for 15 years and has always been compliant with standards.

The total acreage is 7 if you include the orchard. But if you just want D, the 2 acres by the gate, that’s OK too.

The owner, Craig, is open to discussing various arrangements including rental, cropshare or other things that give the grower(s) a sense of security and him the income to maintain and develop the land.

They are purchasing another 30 acres almost adjacent and it will all be part of a 170-acre nature reserve that they are putting together with 6 of their neighbours, so the land on offer will be part of a larger and fundable entity.

If interested please email Craig directly on [email protected]

Thanks very much.