Temple Druid Community are looking for new members and volunteers; opportunity for self-build

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Temple Druid Community is set in 56 acres of woodland, pasture, steams and meadows in North Pembrokeshire. We are looking for members to join us in creating a community based on the foundations of compassion and respect for nature, ourselves and others and a strong wish to tread gently on the earth. We imagine that our community will eventually consist of 8-10 permanent households – families, couples or individuals – as well as having room for people who want to rent and or volunteer.

Woodland path at Temple Druid Community

During this first stage we are looking for new members with capital to contribute to the significant pot of money we already have had to invest in the community and to pay off the outstanding loans we have taken to purchase the property. If you are interested – have a look around our website to find our more about who we are, our progress and our dream.

We would like to invite potential new community members the opportunity to visit Temple Druid and meet the community. There will be a tour of the grounds, a question and answer session and time for a shared vegetarian lunch with us, as well as opportunity to work on the land.


The main house at Temple Druid offers a number of potential living spaces for members and volunteers to live on site.

We welcome interested folk to come along to one of our New Member Days to visit and meet the community. 

The overall plan is for the majority of the land to be a shared resource and for each household to build their own ecobuild on the land. While this is still in the discussion stage we anticipate that each household will have the same size parcel of land – say ½ acre – on which to build their property and have private space to use as they wish.  Households may chose to live off grid or closer together to share amenities. The property also has 2 large barns that could potentially be converted into living spaces. We aim to accommodate each households’ wishes if possible.  Some thought has been given to applying for the One Planet Development Policy as a community.


Our New Member days are incorporated into our volunteer weekends, so you can see us in action!

The next dates are Saturday- May 28th, June 25th, July 30th, September 17th, October 22nd

Please book your visit by emailing –  [email protected]