Wood-fired pizza van: free to a good home

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Posted Feb 2 2017 by Ian Dowson of Proved Wood-fired Pizza
Ian with his wood-fired pizza van

I’ve had six years of self-employed catering with Proved Wood-fired Pizza, alongside working full-time in the housing and homeless sector. I originally wanted to sell the van/business to help fund going back to university as a full-time student. But, things changed and I’m now looking to do something different…


As I’ve got more and more interested in sustainable living, the gift economy and all the things Lowimpact.org promotes, when it came to selling the van I simply thought, hang on – why sell? I’m in the lucky position that I don’t need to sell, certainly not for monetary reasons so why not do something better?

So I’m offering the van, (or more importantly the oven!) free to a good home. I’d like for it to live out its days somewhere where it can either provide for a family or community. The oven is excellent and will last for years and could be used to bake anything, not just pizza! If this forms part of a wider project, aimed at improving skills or whatever, that’d be even better. Really, I want the van to stay in one place. It takes a lot of energy, a lot of diesel power to shift, which is part of the reason I’m gifting it – so it doesn’t just contribute to the “growth” economy and increased CO2 emissions.

In terms of logistics, the van itself is a Towability Euro-Marketeer, 15ft long, 4 ft wide with the hatches closed and with a standard tow hitch. The oven is a Dingley Dell medium-sized oven. Any hard wood will burn well in it, and I can fit 3 ten-inch pizzas in there no bother. There’s a gas-fired burco boiler (tea urn) and clean water tank which will work when electricity is rigged up. Otherwise, it’s just a chassis with cupboards and an oven attached!  It’ll come with all the associated bits and pieces if you want them – gastro trays, pizza peels etc.

I’m happy to deliver the van to its new home, anywhere in the UK at least! Either way I’d like to meet the recipient and see where it (hopefully) ends up.

Email me at ian dot dowson at hotmail dot co dot uk.