Would you like to be involved in the setting up of a new community and eco-centre in the English Midlands?

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Posted Jan 13 2016 by Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org

Not far from Worcester is a stunning Grade II mansion house, 50+ rooms, stable blocks, 2-bed detatched gatehouse, 21 acres of woodland plus huge walled garden. Lowimpact.org, plus other like-minded organisations, would like to secure it as an intentional community plus venue / HQ for eco businesses and courses.

It has so many things going for it: accessible but private, rural but not too far from main transport hubs, 3 miles on a flattish road to the nearest (very nice) town. It’s in a reasonable state of repair, has new heating system and solar on the roof, not susceptible to flooding and, most importantly, all discussions with the planning authority indicate it would be fine to turn it into multiple accommodations with associated eco / educational business.

The whole site could be purchased conditionally – i.e. on condition planning is granted – for £800,000 (secured for 10% of that i.e. £80k!) and our intention would be that all loan stock is paid back from residential and business rent asap, so the site can fully belong to a specially-formed cooperative, and be run on a collaborative basis. For what you get, £800,000 really is not very much money, and we ‘re sure there must be benefactors out there who would love what we could achieve with a base like this. But we have to move very quickly!

To be clear, we are asking for loan stock from prospective members (i.e. people living on-site), and also from non-members, to secure the property. When and if the project is up and running, members will pay a rent to the co-operative and all loan stock will be paid back.

We already have 2 expressions of interest at 100k. Contact [email protected] if you have money to invest – ideally 100k or over – and like what you see. If we manage to buy the property, we’ll be looking for members later on, but at the moment, we’re looking for potential investors.