Would you like to become a member of a nature-based permaculture community on the Isle of Skye?

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Posted Oct 1 2017 by Ludwig Appeltans of Earth Ways

Since December 2016, I, Ludwig Appeltans am the proud owner and custodian of the most beautiful peninsula in Scotland.

Rubha Phoil is the perfect location to create what I have been dreaming of and working towards for ten years: A small permaculture community that can function as a bright example of permaculture to inspire others.

The community would embody:

  • A secure safe place to live, for people of all ages, history and skills
  • Educational aspects in all things permaculture: food growing, natural building, resilience, nature connection, mindfulness, workshops, nature connection holidays for families and small groups and more
  • A well protected and managed natural haven for the wild things
  • A community way of living inspired by the way native people live and work together
  • A clever designed way for us all to earn a living from the land by reducing living costs, working together, sharing resources and creating an income from the land.

Part of the cultural design has already been made. It will be a permaculture community, with clear permaculture ethics. We will all have our own private space. It will be a nature-based culture in the community, inspired by native cultures through the work of 8 Shields. We will design the rest of the community together.

You can see and follow and partake in the development of the culture design on the website here.

You can see more photos on Flickr here.

How you can get involved

  • Apply to join the community as a permanent or temporary resident: Apply here
  • If you want to come for a visit to check out possibilities to join, please contact us for a discount on our rented accommodation. (Discount calculated by ability to pay; you don’t need to pay if you want to volunteer)
  • Come to help as a volunteer
  • Give us a loan for one year: The previous owner has been really generous in passing the land and the full control over the land to the next generation. And also by allowing me an extra year to pay the remaining purchase fee of £80.000. The plan is to find people who are able and willing to invest their capital in buying land to build a home. Finding buyers is not a problem. Finding the right people can take some time. Designing a community so people know what they are joining takes even more time. So I’m looking for a crowd loan to buy more time.

Please feel free to ask questions and give us your feedback, tips or suggestions by posting below or by sending us a message or as a comment on this page.