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    Unicorn was established in 1996 by a small group of people committed to social change, who had a vision for the kind of place they wanted to shop in themselves. A place where a really wide range of wholesome, tasty food, sourced with care, would be sold at affordable prices. A shop owned and run by motivated worker-owners following a shared social and environmental agenda. A friendly, diverse and welcoming space that would act as a hub in the community.

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    Debbie Clarke

    How to start a co-operative grocery in your town: Debbie Clarke of Unicorn Grocery, Part 2

    Debbie Clarke 09-Feb-2020

    This is Part 2 of an interview with Debbie Clarke of Unicorn Grocery – a co-operative grocery store in Manchester. In Part 1, I talked with Debbie about what it’s like to work in a co-operative grocery. Here we talk about the “Grow your own Grocery” guide that her co-op has produced for people who… Continue reading How to start a co-operative grocery in your town: Debbie Clarke of Unicorn Grocery, Part 2 Read more

    What it’s like to work in a cooperative grocery store: Debbie Clarke of Unicorn Grocery, Part 1

    Debbie Clarke 15-Dec-2019

    Today I’m talking with Debbie Clarke of Unicorn Grocery – a cooperative grocery store in Manchester; and the thing I’m particularly interested in about Unicorn Grocery is that instead of wanting to become a huge chain, they’ve got a toolkit called ‘Grow your own Grocery’ to help people set up cooperative grocery stores in their own towns. Read more

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