This site contains a huge low-impact living resource, and attempts to connect lifestyle change with system change, which will be necessary to mitigate and cope with the ecological catastrophe that’s on its way. Our areas of interest, in which we invite you to become involved, are:

Low-impact living

Noncorporate consumption

Mutual credit exchange

New economy building

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Low-impact living

You can live in more sustainable ways, and gain the skills to provide things for yourself, to change career and to survive difficult times. Browse the boxes below for 220+ topics, each with an introduction page, plus books, magazines, articles, videos, advice, courses, products & services, links and more.


Personal, family & health

Building & retrofitting

Energy, water, utilities


Craft skills & mending

Food & drink


Keeping animals

Land & land management

Bushcraft, wild food & nature


Noncorporate consumption

However, lifestyle change, although essential, is not enough on its own, as not enough people will do it. We need a new system. Sticking plasters to cover the symptoms won’t work. Multinational corporations suck money out of our communities, deposit it in tax havens and use it to corrupt the democratic process, to ensure that the current system stays in place. You can help fight this – visit our sister site,, and start to move your custom away from multinational corporations.

Mutual credit exchange

Banks also extract wealth from our communities, and have monopoly control over the money supply. Mutual credit is a trading system in which businesses offer interest-free credit to each other and banks aren’t required. and the Open Co-op have partnered to launch a UK-wide mutual credit network called the Open Credit Network. Register your business now.

New economy building

Visit our new economy section to find out more about the mutually-owned, decentralised and regenerative sector. We’re interviewing new economy builders for our blog and YouTube channel, and meeting with specialists to develop a package based on viable systems thinking and mutual credit to help accelerate the the growth of the new economy.
We believe that violent revolution is too dangerous, and won’t deliver better leaders; and that voting can only produce superficial changes, because states are working closely with banks and corporations, and any government that doesn’t help maximise returns for shareholders will suffer capital flight, recession and electoral defeat. The new economy can only replace the current economy by transcending it. New website coming soon. 


Change must happen fast – ecology is degrading rapidly. You can become involved by living low-impact, switching to non-corporate consumption and signing up to the Open Credit Network. Subscribe to our new economy blog, and/or our general low-impact blog, newsletter (below) and social media channels (top) to be kept informed of what we’re up to. Join us in helping to build the new economy.


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