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This site is for everyone wishing to gain skills & live more sustainably. Browse the boxes below for 200+ topics, each with introduction, books, magazines, articles, videos, advice, courses, products & services, links and more.


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Our publications

We’re working with our network of specialists to produce a series of books, eventually covering the whole range of our topics, above. They’re the opposite of coffee table books, in that they’re meant for people who are serious about a topic and want to do it themselves. They’ll help you do things like building and installing solar hot water systems, compost toilets or solar electrical and battery systems, as well as making your own natural soaps, essential oils or herbal remedies. They’re for using in the workshop, garden, smallholding or kitchen. We hope they become well-thumbed with a few stains thrown in too.

Click here to see our range of titles. is our sister site, owned and run by the same co-op. is for people who don’t want to support multinational corporations any more. We’ve put everything in one place and made it easy to switch for (almost) everything you need. Find out how corporate your life is by getting your ‘NonCorporate score’, then switch to community-supported agriculture, community energy, workers’ co-ops, housing co-ops, credit unions, mutual societies, sole traders, free & open source software, and soon, platform co-ops, for all the essentials of life.



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