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    Hydrological Democracy

    Paul Jennings of Criafolen | 21-Sep-2023 | 0

    Water is the ubiquitous precondition for life on Earth. The great hydrological cycle, which passes through us, as much as through any river, cloud, or ocean, encompasses the living soil, plants and animals. The Gaian system is one, unified, watery, cycle. Water is essential to the functioning of our bodies, and to linking all living… Continue reading Hydrological Democracy Read more

    New commons group and public event: Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire

    Paul Jennings of Criafolen | 16-Sep-2023 | 0

    Llandeilo commons: invitation to join a formative group and public event in West Wales. Read more

    Low Impact Cheesemaking

    Modern industrial cheesemaking uses a bunch of electricity and single-use plastic, but there are ways to go back to basics and make beautiful cheeses using homemade cultures and off-grid cheese aging setups. In this article I’ll look at several aspects of cheesemaking, and how to approach each one in a low impact way. Milk Milk… Continue reading Low Impact Cheesemaking Read more

    How to bring the water industry into community ownership: Julian Jones of Water21, Part 2

    Julian Jones of Water21 | 26-Aug-2023 | 0

    part 2 of an interview (see video below for more details – well worth it!) with Julian Jones, a water engineer and distinguished fellow of the Schumacher Institute, who has worked and provided consultancy for water companies, NGOs, the Environment Agency, universities and governments. Read more

    Bridport Cohousing launches a range of natural build courses

    Bridport Cohousing launches a range of natural build courses. Read more

    Resistance Festival to help save Monkton Wyld Court

    A resistance festival of free workshops and music is taking place at Monkton Wyld Court, nr Lyme Regis. This is in support of the community that has run Monkton Wyld Court for the last fifteen years, and is now threatened by incoming charity trustees. Monkton Wyld Court is the site of a microdairy which dates… Continue reading Resistance Festival to help save Monkton Wyld Court Read more

    Taking the water industry off the water companies: Julian Jones of Water21, Part 1

    Julian Jones of Water21 | 12-Aug-2023 | 0

    Part 1 of an interview with Julian Jones, a water engineer and distinguished fellow of the Schumacher Institute, about building a water commons for Stroud. Read more

    Homemade Lipbalm

    An easy to follow recipe for homemade lipbalm that will protect your lips this autumn. Read more

    More on the money problem: it doesn’t have to be ‘scarce’

    Dil Green of Lowimpact.org | 07-Aug-2023 | 0

    Following on from a recent post by Tom Greco, on the essential nature of money, Dil Green of Lowimpact.org and Mutual Credit Services here talks about its apparent scarcity, how that negatively affects our communities and our well-being, and how it could be different – based on mutual credit and the commons economy. Read more

    Earth Overshoot day and the importance of low impact living

    Today (August 2nd) is Earth Overshoot day. Not heard of this? It means that between January 1st and August 2nd our use of Earth’s resources is equivalent to what it can regenerate in a year. Our demand on nature exceed it’s biocapacity. Sadly, since 1971 this date has crept forward as we continue to live… Continue reading Earth Overshoot day and the importance of low impact living Read more

    How to solve the money problem in a nutshell

    Tom Greco of Beyond Money | 30-Jul-2023 | 2

    This article from Tom Greco contains the basics of what you need to know about money, currency, credit and exchange. Read more

    8 amazing benefits from street trees

    Saoirse of Trees for Streets | 26-Jul-2023 | 0

    Read about the importance of street trees and one group’s mission to make sure their role in our life is recognised. Read more

    Stroud Commons 5: forming a ‘commoners’ group for each sector of the economy

    Amrit Sachar of Stroud Commons | 23-Jul-2023 | 0

    This is the latest in a series of articles documenting our group’s attempts to build the commons economy in Stroud, in a way that can be implemented in other towns, and connected together to build the foundations of a new, commons economy. It covers what we’ve done so far, and how people can get involved. Read more

    Building back differently: peasant economics and heritage craft

    Eloise Sentito of These Isles | 16-Jul-2023 | 3

    If a fair share of the planet is a couple of ‘useful’ global hectares per individual, the planet could sustain about 10 billion people living primitively. Read more

    An authoritarian world government is not going to save us

    A growing question for environmentalists is the extent to which the existential threat we face means that countries and populations should be forced to reduce consumption, and hence whether an authoritarian politics is the best way to face the future. Read more

    Conversation with Jem Bendell, part 2: how should we respond to the collapse of capitalism?

    Jem Bendell of JemBendell.com | 02-Jul-2023 | 0

    This is the second part of a conversation between Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org and Jem Bendell, professor of sustainability leadership at the University of Cumbria, and author of the now famous 2018 Deep Adaptation paper that claimed that we’re on an inevitable path to civilisational collapse. Read more

    Bokashi composting: A beginners guide to slimming down your black bin waste

    Jane Perrone of Jane Perrone | 28-Jun-2023 | 2

    Bokashi composing could be the answer to kitchen composting. Read more

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