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    Kate Williams is a freelance writer and translator living in Spain. She moved to Barcelona to teach English in 2003 and never looked (or came) back. When she isn’t writing, or earning a proper living at her day job, she enjoys hiking in the Catalan countryside and volunteers at a local animal sanctuary. She’s also busy interviewing people, researching and writing topic introductions for us. She blogs at the Writer Stuff.

    Articles by

    Kate Williams

    What the fuss is all about: wild swimming in France

    Kate Williams 16-Aug-2018

    On a low-impact holiday this summer, Kate Williams takes the plunge wild swimming in France to discover why so many prefer it to an indoor swimming pool. Read more

    Some countries don’t get vegetarianism: how to cope as a veggie abroad

    Kate Williams 07-Aug-2015

    If you’re looking to make the change to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, there is no shortage of helpful advice out there to guide you as you take those difficult first steps: ‘take things slowly; make it easy on yourself; set realistic goals; provide the right environment for success, etc. etc.’ Read more

    Why we need to stop TTIP if we care about the national health services of European countries

    Kate Williams 26-Jun-2015

    As negotiations continue between Europe and the US on the Transatlantic Trade and InvestmentPartnership (TTIP), concerns are mounting among civil society groups over the implications for public healthcare. Read more

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