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    Liz Gaffney I moved to the Scottish Highlands in 2012 from Ayrshire and I felt instantly at home. ​I brought with me my passion for felt making and a range of skills including millinery, floristry, fashion and design,and spinning and weaving, and moved, with my partner Graham, into the almost derelict Dalmally Railway Station, a beautiful Victorian building which had been standing empty for over thirty years . Over the next few years we concentrated on restoring the station to its former glory and making it our home and my studio. We even found time to marry on the station platform ! ​We also run an airbnb at the station and raise our own sheep

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    Liz Gaffney Whaite

    Imprint dyeing – a beautiful new way of dyeing textiles using plants

    Liz Gaffney Whaite 12-Sep-2016

    This is a beautiful and interesting way of dyeing cloth by imprinting plant material. Getting a precise imprint on cloth or paper is not new – take for instance the Turin Shroud. Read more

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