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Lead-acid / deep-cycle & lithium-ion batteries for renewables

Alt-E Store series of articles on deep-cycle batteries
Alt-E Store off-grid calculator for sizing battery banks and charge controllers
Aussie Batteries & Solar deep-cycle battery guide
Battery FAQ car and deep-cycle battery FAQs
Battery Service Manual manual from the Association of American Battery Maufacturers from the sixties that is still relevant for old-school DIY renewables systems
Countryside & Small Stock Journal off-grid battery banks – the heart of the system
Countryside & Small Stock Journal new off-grid battery technology – is there hope beyond hype?
How Lead-acid Batteries Work including different types of battery and sizing systems
Medium battery showdown: lead-acid vs lithium-ion
Northern Arizona Wind & Sun deep-cycle battery FAQ
Trojan Batteries lots of video tutorials on all aspects of deep-cycle batteries
Wholesale Solar deep-cycle battery information
Wholesale Solar lead-acid vs lithium-ion: which is best for solar?
Wikipedia entry for lead-acid battery
Wikipedia entry for deep-cycle battery
Wind & Sun UK site with info on choosing & sizing your system for off-grid living, including batteries and inverters
Wind & Sun and more specific information about batteries
YouTube how to recondition an old forklift battery
YouTube how a lithium-ion battery works
YouTube how to install lithium-ion batteries for an off-grid system

Batteries general

Andy Reynolds how to test a range of household appliance batteries with a multimeter
The Baghdad Battery incredible story of a find that was probably a basic battery from 1800 years ago
Battery Council International resource for information on the use and recycling of lead-acid batteries
Battery University free educational website that offers hands-on battery information to engineers, educators, media, students and battery users – tons of information
The Engineer Magazine article: new ‘flow’ batteries to cope with the peaks and troughs of renewables input into the grid
European Associaton for the Storage of Energy promoting energy storage as part of a sustainable energy strategy for Europe
Green Batteries US site with good info
Practical Action how to store electricity in batteries
Recharge not-for-profit founded to promote the value of rechargeable batteries; plus lots of info
Sci-toys home-made simple batteries
Wikipedia entry for battery
Wikipedia list of battery types
Wikipedia entry for history of the battery
Wikipedia entry for battery recycling

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