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Associations, societies & general beekeeping information

Apimondia World Federation of Beekeepers Associations
Bee Base National Bee Unit – research, advice, inspections, protecting UK bee stocks
Bee Farmers Association representing the interests of commercial and semi-commercial bee farmers in the UK
Beekeeping Database listing of all local beekeepers in the UK
Beetight free web application for beekeepers – hive tracking and record-keeping
British Beekeepers’ Association information; list of local groups
Central Association of Beekeepers the science of beekeeping – research, publications, lectures
Dave Cushman massive site with tons of information
National Diploma in Beekeeping beekeeping qualification above the level of the certificates awarded by the UK Beekeeping Associations
Scientific Beekeeping beekeeping through the eyes of a biologist
Scottish Beekeepers’ Association beekeeping in Scotland
Welsh Beekeepers Association keeping Welsh beekeepers informed


Beeginners beekeeping for beginners – great site
Beginning Beekeeping everything you need to know to become a beekeeper thoughts on keeping bees for beginners
Mother Earth News article: backyard beekeeping for beginners
University of Missouri beekeeping for beginners

Build your own hives / other equipment

Beekeeping Equipment explanation of beekeeping kit, plus plans to make your own
Bee Source download free plans to make your own hives and other equipment
Biobees make your own top-bar hive
Make My Hive instructions for building WBC and National hives & frames

Bee diseases

BDI Bee Diseases Insurance Ltd; run by beekeepers for beekeepers
Bee Diseases listing of bee problems with good photographs
DEFRA (pdf) document on managing varroa, 44-page pdf
European Commission (pdf) Virology & the Honey Bee, 462-page pdf
Honey Bee Diseases & Pests (pdf) practical guide, 42-page pdf
MAAREC honey bee parasites, pests, predators & diseases

Natural / top-bar beekeeping

Barefoot Beekeeper natural beekeeping guru
Bee Natural natural beekeeping – pure and simple
The Future of Natural Beekeeping article by the Barefoot Beekeeper
London’s Buzzing promoting natural beekeeping in London
Mother Earth News article on top-bar beekeeping
Natural Beekeeping Trust aims to promote awareness of sustainable beekeeping
The Practical Beekeeper interesting viewpoint on conventional and natural beekeeping
Top Bar Hive photos and information
Wikipedia entry for top-bar hive

Urban beekeeping

Backyard Beekeeping keeping bees in urban & suburban neighbourhoods
Grit 10 urban beekeeping tips
Honey Love US not-for-profit to inspire and educate new urban beekeepers
London’s Buzzing urban natural beekeeping
Mother Earth News avoiding urban beekeeping problems

Bees general

10 Things you can do to Help Save Bees article by Philip Chandler, the Barefoot Beekeeper
Backyard Beekeepers Association facts about honey bees
Bee Improvement & Bee Breeders Association for the conservation, restoration, study, selection and improvement of the native honey bee of the UK & Ireland
Friends of the Bees charity with the simple aim of ‘making the world a better place for pollinators’ – especially the busiest pollinators of all – bees
Greenpeace information on bee decline
International Bee Research Association research to increase the awareness of the role of bees in the environment; quarterly journal – ‘Bee World’
NAPPC your urban garden is better with bees
National Geographic honey bee slideshow for kids
Pesticide Action Network how pesticides have caused a decline in bee numbers and what you can do to help
Reshafim beekeeping in ancient Egypt


DEFRA guidance and regulations on selling honey
The Honey Association all about honey
National Honey Show national show in Surrey promoting the highest-quality honey and wax products

Plants for bees

Bee Happy Plants growers of bee plants
British Beekeepers Association pollen and nectar-rich plants for your garden by season, 20-page pdf
RHS recommended plants for attracting bees into the garden
Rosybee listing, information and sale of plants for bees

Bees and development

Apiconsult African Beekeeping Resource Centre
Bees Abroad supporting beekeeping projects in developing countries
Bees for Development beekeeping in developing countries
Hives Save Lives creating opportunities for self-sufficiency in Africa through beekeeping

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