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Bitcoin white paper by the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, in which blockchain was introduced to the world
Blockchain for Humanity decentralized, not-for-profit foundation that scouts, recognizes, supports, receives donations, and catalyzes resources to projects applying the blockchain technology on positive impact use cases
BlockGeeks blockchain intro and tutorial
CoinMarketCap every blockchain has its own associated crypto token; here’s a list
Cypriot financial crisis what banks will do with your money if they’re up against it
DAO the story of the DAO, built on Ethereum, brought down by a huge attack (not the fault of Ethereum, but of the application built on it)
Diigo how to avoid the pointless blockchain project
EOS crypto with (low-energy) ‘proof-of-stake’ algorithm
Ethereum an example of ‘Blockchain 2.0’, or even 3.0, on which any applications can be run, beyond finance
Faircoin another ‘proof-of-stake’ crypto
Genesis block although the first block on any blockchain is a ‘Genesis block’, this is the original – the first block of the first blockchain
GitHub the open source Bitcoin code on GitHub
GitHub Ethereum code on GitHub
the Guardian just one article of many about the fraudulent activities of banks how society will be transformed by crypto-economics
Satoshi Nakamoto anonymous inventor of blockchain
Silicon Angle how Honduras is using blockchain technology for its land registry
University of Sussex academic articles and thesis by our advisor Dr Steve Huckle, about applications of blockchain for society, beyond the financial sector
web3js good place to start if you think you might want to work as a blockchain developer
What is the blockchain? good intro in plain English
Wikipedia blockchain

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