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Societies, guilds & general information

National governing body of archery in Great Britain.
Archery forum
Archery forum
lots of articles on the history of archery in various Asian countries
listing of bowyers and fletchers (arrow-makers)
perpetuating the use of the traditional British longbow
promoting all types of archery in the field
dedicated to the construction, theory and use of composite bows from around the world
local field archery clubs in the UK
promoting field archery as a sport – usually held in woodlands all over the UK
small group with a common interest in primitive technology, especially archery (from internet archives)
US magazine
promoting field archery in Scotland
furthering the study of the bow and arrow from the earliest times
including ‘bows of prehistory’
promoting field archery in Wales
entry on self bow (bow made from one piece of wood)
entry on composite bow
entry on bowhunting
entry on bowfishing
livery company of bowmakers that can trace its history back to 1363
livery company of fletchers (arrow makers); younger company than the bowyers – they can only trace their history back to 1371

Making & using bows, arrows & strings

how to make an authentic native American arrow
how to make a replica native American bow
article on making natural cordage (for bow strings)
articles on making and using traditional native American bows and arrows
article on making a survival bow (a survival bow is a bow made from materials taken from the wild in a survival situation)
article on making a bow from a sapling
article on making a basic bow and arrow
article on hunting with a primitive bow and arrow
how to make a bow and arrow
article on making bows, arrows and string (not survival bows)
video on making a European flat-bow
video on making a primitive survival bow
video on making a primitive arrow


lots of articles on the history of archery in various Asian countries
history of the bow and arrow
native American bows & arrows
history, construction and images of the Mongolian bow
furthering the study of the bow and arrow from the earliest times
for the technically-minded, 18-page pdf
early bows & arrows offer insights into the origins of human intellect
native American archery technology


Bow-hunting is illegal in the UK, but legal in other countries. In the ever-more-likely event of societal collapse, it may be a skill that could keep you alive. Only two links here – from opposite viewpoints. We think that this is a disagreement we can have whilst still agreeing on the need to live in harmony with nature.
the case against bowhunting
website ‘primarily to inform and educate the wider British community of the realities of modern bowhunting’

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