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General information on keeping cattle

Best of Breeds list of UK cattle breeders; stock for sale
GOV.UK code of recommendations for the welfare of cattle
Health & Safety Executive (pdf) info on handling and housing cattle
Organic Livestock Marketing Co-operative national organisation with over 350 organic producer members
Soil Association feeding animals sustainably
The Organic Feed Co. organic and GM-free animal feeds

General information on beef cattle

Backwoods Home Magazine raising your own beef for your family
Beef & Sheep Research Centre research into sustainable beef production
Country Enterprise beginners’ info about beef cattle
National Beef Association supporting beef cattle farmers in the UK
Soil Association technical information on raising organic beef cattle

General information on dairy cattle

See our dairying links section.


Rural Payments Agency Cattle Keeper’s Handbook – all you need to know about the regulations covering cattle in the UK
GOV.UK cattle welfare regulations
GOV.UK information about cattle identification, registration and movement

Cattle health

British Cattle Veterinary Association information and training on cattle health issues
Compendium of Animal Health & Welfare in Organic Farming organic cattle production: health & welfare; includes disease list
Animal Disease Information Service
listing of cattle diseases, plus symptoms and treatment

Other cattle information

Beef recipes, butchery etc. on our butchery & meat links page
Grazing Animals Project combining livestock and conservation
Humane Slaughter Association charity working to ensure that transport and slaughter of animals is done as humanely as possible
Traditional Breeds Meat Marketing promoting quality meat from British traditional breeds
The Wild Cattle of Chillingham surviving herd of wild cattle that used to roam British forests; visitor centre, Northumberland

Lists of cattle breeds

British Cattle Movement Service list of codes for over 200 cattle breeds and cross-breeds found in the UK, from Aberdeen Angus to Zebu
listing with an extensive glossary
The Cattle Site listing of world dairy cattle breeds
The Cattle Site listing of world beef cattle breeds
Cattle Today over 50 breeds of beef cattle with photographs
Wikipedia exhaustive list of cattle breeds – dairy, beef, mixed and wild
Breeds Survival Trust
rare cattle breeds

Cattle breed societies

Aberdeen Angus Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society
Ayrshire Ayrshire Cattle Society
Bazadaize Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society
Beef Shorthorn Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society
Blonde British Blonde Cattle Society
British White British White Cattle Society
Charolais British Charolais Cattle Society
Dairy Shorthorn Shorthorn Society of the UK & Ireland
Dexter Dexter Cattle Society
Friesian British Friesian Breeders Club
Galloway Galloway Cattle Society
Gascon Gascon Cattle Society
Gloucester Gloucester Cattle Society
Guernsey English Guernsey Cattle Society
Hereford Hereford Cattle Society
Highland Highland Cattle Society
Holstein & British Friesian Holstein UK
Irish Moiled Irish Moiled Cattle Society
Jersey Jersey Cattle Society
Limousin British Limousin Cattle Society
Lincoln Red Lincoln Red Cattle Society
Longhorn Longhorn Cattle Society
Murray Grey Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society
Red Poll Red Poll Cattle Society
Red Ruby Devon Red Ruby Devon Cattle
Shetland Shetland Cattle Breeders Association
Simmental British Simmental Cattle Society
Sussex Sussex Cattle Society
Traditional Hereford Traditional Hereford Cattle Breeders Club
Whitebred Shorthorn Whitebred Shorthorn Association
White Park White Park Cattle Society


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