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Making cheese

Cultures for Health large selection of articles and recipes on all aspects of cheesemaking
Cultures for Health cheesemaking e-book
Fankhauser’s Cheese Page huge resource for cheesemakers
The Guardian the science & magic of cheesemaking
Making Cheese – Introduction introduction to cheesemaking – equipment required, recipes etc, on the Allotment & Gardens website
Wikipedia entry for cheesemaking

General information

I Love Cheese lots of information about cheeses around the world
Sand & Succotash cheese terminology and classification
Wensleydale Creamery visitor centre, museum and cheesemaking tour – Yorks

Starting a cheesemaking business

AHDB small, on-farm cheesemaking and dairying
California Polytechnic State University a business plan for the production of artisanal cheese
Farmers Weekly so you want to make cheese?
Mother Earth News home cheesemaking: from hobby to business

Cheese organisations & associations

British Cheese Board promoting cheese in the UK; list of family cheesemakers, many of them organic; lots of info
The Specialist Cheesemakers’ Association alliance of cheesemakers, retailers, wholesalers and cheese lovers, plus an enormous list of UK cheesemakers
Stilton Cheesemakers’ Association promoting the famous English blue cheese

Cheese recipes

All Recipes over 3000 cheese recipes
BBC Food cheese recipes
I Love Cheese articles on cheese recipes

Different types of cheese

British Cheese Board list of UK cheese types world cheeses listed by type, country, milk and texture
Cheeses of the World a romp around the world’s cheeses with
The Cheese Web 7 types of cheese, by rind
Wikipedia list of British cheeses
Wikipedia list of world cheeses

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