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Getting started

Battery Hen Welfare Trust adopt ex-battery hens from one of their rescue centres around the country; still good layers and good pets
Keeping Chickens a great video intro to keeping chickens
Keeping chickens a good article from this site on getting started
My Pet chicken a list of chicken breeds alongside egg-laying ability and cold hardiness
Omlet a good resource for finding out about different breeds
Poultry  a good section on keeping chickens for beginners with lots of useful articles
Poultry pages  listing of 800+ poultry breeders, searchable by county

General Information

Keeping chickens a comprehensive guide to keeping chickens a very useful site, over 300 articles on keeping poultry
Poultry Club of Great Britain advice, shows, local groups, books & videos
RSPCA information on keeping chickens and looking out for their welfare

Hatching and raising

Poultry club  information on hatching and raising young poultry
Poultry  a good collection of articles on incubating and hatching eggs
Raising happy chickens how to candle eggs, including how to make your own candler
University of Minnesota  detailed information on hatching and raising small numbers of chicks


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