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British Herbs trade association
Culinary Herb Guide good overview
Garden Herbs good beginners’ resource
Geffrye Museum herb garden in the East End of London – free entry
Herb Society UK’s leading society for increasing the understanding, use and appreciation of herbs and their benefits to health; established in 1927
International Herb Association promoting herbs internationally; annual conference
Medicinal herbs see our herbal medicine section
Mother Earth News directory of culinary and medicinal herbs – lots of articles on growing, collecting from the wild, preserving, cooking etc. – great resource
Our Herb Garden herb history and folklore
The Herbs and the Adventures of Parsley  remember the Herbs and Parsley the Lion?  🙂
Wikipedia entry for herb
Wikipedia list of culinary herbs and spices

Growing herbs

BBC Gardening Guides propagate herbs from cuttings
British Herbs pdf poster – British herbs seasonality chart
Further info step-by-step guides to growing specific herbs
Guardian ten of the best herbs to grow in containers
Hobby Farms herb basics: growing herbs
Mother Earth News Use One of These Four Simple Garden Designs to Grow Kitchen Herbs
Rodale’s Organic Life 10 herbs to grow indoors all year round
Royal Horticultural Society help and advice on growing herbs
the Skinny Gourmet 10 mistakes that new herb gardeners make and how to avoid them

Drying herbs

Gardening About how to dry and store herbs
Mother Earth News drying herbs: easier than you think
Vegetable Gardener how to dry herbs
WikiHow 9 ways to dry herbs

Cooking with herbs

AllRecipes over 2000 recipes involving herbs
BBC Food herbs recipes

info on cooking, preparing and storing herbs, plus which herbs go with which foods

Fine Cooking

how to store, handle, and use fragrant herbs to enhance the flavor of any dish

NC State University which herbs go with which foods, plus more tips
University of Nebraska-Lincoln the magic of fresh herbs

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