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Organisations & advice – co-ops general

Co-op links see our general co-operatives links page

Organisations & advice – housing co-ops

Accountancy Co-operative themselves a co-op, they have an understanding of the accountancy needs of co-ops
Catalyst Collective co-operative registration and development
CDS Co-operatives providing a range of support services to housing co-ops
Coin Street Community Builders built co-operative social housing on the South Bank in central London
Confederation of Co-operative Housing providing support and training for housing co-ops
Co-operative Housing International sector of the International Co-operative Alliance dealing with housing
LILAC mutual home ownership project in Leeds – open days, training etc.
Radical Routes network of co-operatives; loans; advice
Somerset Co-operative Services briefings and resources on various aspects of setting up and living in housing co-ops; a good starting point


CDS Co-operatives the benefits of housing co-operatives in comparison with other tenures
Conflict resolution and consensus decision-making see our ‘personal & interpersonal development’ links page
the Guardian housing co-ops: one way to find an affordable home
Jo Freeman the Tyranny of Structurelessness – an essay about the importance of organisation and structure in groups such as co-operatives
LibCom guide to setting up a housing co-op
New Left Project interesting article about how housing co-ops provide a democratic and collective alternative to current market-led approaches to housing
University of Birmingham paper investigating the history of housing co-ops in the UK and their potential for addressing housing problems

Directories / listings

CDS Co-operatives A-Z listing of co-ops, including housing co-ops
Confederation of Co-operative Housing A-Z listing of CCH members
Co-operatives UK put ‘housing’ into keywords and click apply
Diggers and Dreamers listing of UK intentional communities, many of which will be housing co-ops
Radical Routes listing of housing co-ops in their network

Potential funders for housing co-ops

Co-operative and Community Finance lend to organisations that are owned and democratically controlled by their members
Ecology Building Society building society that ‘puts people and planet first’ – experience of housing co-ops
Triodos Bank understand co-operative values and how housing co-ops work
Unity Trust Bank specialists in the social economy

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