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History of mushroom cultivation

The consumption of mushrooms probably occurred during prehistory, in the hunting and gathering period. Unlike plants, mushrooms could not be cultivated at first and were collected for a long period of time. Read more

Introduction to mushroom growing

A mushroom develops in two stages: a vegetative phase when it grows and decomposes organic matter, and a fruiting phase, when mushrooms (fruiting bodies) are produced. Read more

Mushrooms suitable for cultivation

Some mushrooms can be cultivated from commercially available spawn either as dowels, grain inoculated spawn or as truffle trees. Read more

Commercially-available spawn

Commercially-available mushroom spawn: Read more

Mushroom substrates

There are various types of substrates which are used in mushroom growing, including: Read more

Mushrooms selected for cultivation

Recommended mushroom species for cultivation. Read more

Cultivation methods: humus-inhabiting mushrooms

The mushroom growing substrate referred to as ‘compost’ is quite different from garden compost or soil. Read more

Cultivation methods: wood-inhabiting mushrooms

Woody materials and logs can be prepared much more quickly than compost. The logs should be cut from healthy trees (preferably due to storm damage or tree maintenance work) during the dormant season. Read more

How to grow oyster mushrooms in logs

This instruction relates to growing Oyster Mushrooms from dowels; these are intended for inoculation into hardwood logs. Read more

How to grow oyster mushrooms in waste coffee grounds

The best advice for success is to start by growing Oyster mushrooms, the easiest and most forgiving variety for any home cultivator to grow. Read more

How to grow shiitake mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms require cellulose-rich material and will grow on a variety of woody substrates. Read more

How to grow button mushrooms

Agaricus is unlike other mushroom spawn in that it is a secondary decomposer; this means that it needs to work with bacteria which carry out the primary decomposition of cellulose material into a form accessible by Agaricus. Read more

How to grow Matsutake mushrooms

A member recently asked for details on growing the famous (and VERY expensive) Matsutake, the source of some pretty vicious armed confrontations between foragers and landowners not too many years ago. Read more

Preserving mushrooms

Mushrooms can be preserved in several ways, but some species are better preserved in certain ways rather than others. What follows is a brief guide. Read more

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