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Fresholi information exchange for soap crafters
Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers peer support network
Handcrafted Soapmakers’ Guild international guild for small soapmakers
Online course our online course on how to make natural bar, liquid and cream soaps, using various methods, plus packaging and selling your soaps
Open University / BBC info and pics about soap-making
Soap Calc use this site to calculate the lye for your own recipes, or to check recipes you get from elsewhere

Information on selling soaps

CTPA details of European cosmetic legislation
Gov.UK product safety regulations for manufacturers
Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers non-profit organisation run by volunteers with no membership fee, includes info about insurance
International Fragrance Association international organisation ensuring safety of fragrance ingredients
Trading Standards when you’re ready to sell soaps, you’ll need to contact your local office

Other useful information

Cosmetic Database info on health risks of over 60,000 cosmetic ingredients
Elmhurst College the chemistry of soap
International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients standard names and info on cosmetic ingredients
Living History history of soapmaking
Organic Natural Health details of the impact of using synthetic chemicals in cosmetics

The problem with palm oil

Friends of the Earth Europe the EU biofuels policy and palm oil: cutting subsidies or cutting rainforest
Greenpeace how demand for cheap palm oil is causing massive deforestation in Indonesia
Greenpeace >World’s largest palm oil trader linked to rainforest destruction twice the size of Paris
Greenpeace FAQ: palm oil, forests and climate change
The Guardian how UK palm oil consumption fuels Colombia violence
The Independent palm oil producers misled over green claims
Living Ethical sustainable palm oil – a myth, busted

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