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Information / history

Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum yes, really – plus information on the history of nuts
Science Blog remains of nuts & nutcrackers found at 780,000-year-old archaeological site
Wikipedia entry for nuts
Wikipedia entry for chestnut
Wikipedia entry for hazelnut
Wikipedia entry for walnut

Growing nut trees

Agroforestry Research Trust a wealth of information on agroforestry, nut trees and nut orchards
Allotment & Gardens brief guides to growing nuts
Backyard Gardening how to grow chestnuts
Backyard Gardening how to grow hazelnuts
Backyard Gardening how to grow walnuts
Green Cuisine Trust long article on growing nuts in the UK
Grow Your Own how to grow nut trees
Kentish Cobnuts Association established to regenerate cobnut orchards in Kent
Permaculture Magazine advice on growing Walnuts
The English Garden how to grow your own nut trees

Nuts & health

BBC News article: daily nuts may help boost health
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition the health benefits of nuts – especially heart health
Micronutrient Information Center more on the health benefits of nuts
North American Vegetarian Society nutritional benefits of nuts & seeds
Nut Studies research into the nutritional benefits of tree nuts
Soaking Nuts and Seeds video for the why and how to activate nuts and seeds

Nut recipes

Allrecipes 700 seed & nut recipes
BBC Food nut recipes
Eating Well healthy nut recipes
the Guardian the 10 best nut recipes

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